The Vision

The Ottoborgo family has been a part of the Dillon community and successful business owners for three generations. They moved to Dillon in the 1980s, where the family opened Ristorante Al Lago, and later reopened under the name Adriano's Bistro & Deli in late 2010.


The development site is still owned by the Ottoborgo family, who have strong local relationships in Dillon's town, spanning three-generations. The mixed-use property initially hosted the restaurant, two condominiums, and an animal sanctuary in the west courtyard. Ivano Ottoborgo realized the property is better positioned to support and provide for the community through a housing/condominium development. Accordingly, Ivano began conversations with the local municipality in early 2000 to develop the property. After years of perseverance, he prevailed with the initial zoning and density approvals.  


While bringing the culinary history traditions into the future, the property has grown into much more than a restaurant, and the Ottoborgo (home/property) now includes 80 new families. The Ottoborgo's are a true family operating partnership, which transitioned from the restaurant to the development. In 2016, Danilo Ottoborgo came on board and soon joined by Chantelle Ottoborgo to embrace the new family venture and are now the President and Executive Vice-President of Uptown 240 with their development company Namesake, LLP. 


I am proud to be a part of the team that made my family's longtime dream a reality, and our family's home, the home for so many more. The Uptown 240 project's rare attributes, the warm atmosphere of mountain living, married with a contemporary design that showcases authentic local elements, set the standard of design and quality for high-country residences. 


I extend my gratitude and respect to Studio PBA Architects and PlaSe Interior Design, who brought their talent and vision to the creation of Uptown 240, and DCS, MNJ, and Symmetry builders for materializing this dream. I invite you to explore the unique possibilities of Living Lakestyle.
Danilo Ottoborgo

We are building homes for future generations to experience the same lifestyle my brothers and I grew up enjoying; grabbing freshly cut flowers and baked goods from the farmer's market in the morning, listening to concerts down the street at the Amphitheater, and watching the 4th of July fireworks over Lake Dillon from our patio.


Our community maintains a small-town neighbor atmosphere while being in the center of multiple world-class resorts. I am proud to bring families to the place I have been fortunate enough to call home and look forward to having Uptown 240 become a part of their experiences.
Chantelle Ottoborgo