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Our Team

"Good people, find good people"

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Namesake, LLP - Strategic Operations Management

Namesake, LLP is a boutique real estate management and development firm that was co-founded by Danilo Ottoborgo and Chantelle Ottoborgo. The two sibling partners have extensive experience in site planning, permit approvals, and tax incentives. Namesake, and the Town of Dillon have been strategic in creating value for the community and the Uptown 240 project through creative variances, easements, tax incentives, many unique to the Uptown 240 development. Their collaboration resulted in one of the most valuable properties to materialize in the Town of Dillon.

MNJ Consulting – Construction Management

Mike Graham, the owner representative to Uptown 240, specializes in CPM Scheduling, Managing Subcontractors and Craft workers, multi-family and single family projects, high end custom and spec homes, high rise buildings. Additional experience includes: Managing the construction of a 22 story high rise apartment building in Denver. Located on 16th and Wewatta in Downtown Denver, Construction general contractor company with 300 employees ($ 340 M) Four Seasons Downtown Denver Residences and Hotel, ($ 98M) Residences at Little Nell Aspen, Colorado.


DCS - Owner's Representative

With DCS provides comprehensive owner’s rep services to navigate the development process. DCS has been providing exceptional program management, project management and owner’s representative consulting services since 1998.  Over the years, they have learned a lot about what works well and what doesn’t. DCS knows the questions to ask that will stimulate thoughtful discussion regarding your vision, and will serve as a trusted advisor to ensure clear, accurate and reliable information to make sound decisions and provide responsible leadership to the project. Their experience in managing more than $400 million in constructed improvements makes them well-versed in every technical aspect and issue surrounding land and building development.


Studio PBA – Architect

STUDIO PBA was established in 1977 by Owner, Paul Bergner. Their expertise is in multifamily housing and hospitality.  They have designed tens of thousands of multi-family dwelling units across the country in 13 states. Kathy Parker, Principal Architect, and her experienced staff of nearly 40 architects and designers have brought a vast array of skill and knowledge in designing Uptown 240.


Symmetry Builders, Inc – General Contractor

Symmetry Builders, Inc. is a privately held commercial general contractor strategically serving Colorado and neighboring states. Opening its doors in 2011, Symmetry’s culture of collaboration, effective communication and mutual success has evolved into one of Colorado’s fastest growing commercial general construction companies, who has extensive corporate and individual construction experience in the commercial, municipal, industrial and multi-family residential markets.


PlaSe – Interior Design

With combined experience in the design industry of more than 50 years. PlaSe has a mission, not a statement; theier actions will always give you a clear picture of what that is…Listening, creating and carrying through your dreams. PlaSe represents, and clearly carries out exemplary design and inspiration on the behalf of Uptown 240.

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