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Dillon Embraces Sustainability In Local Businesses

In the United States, 61% of consumers indicate sustainability as an important purchase criterion.

Coupled with the continuous effects of climate change, businesses have found it imperative to adopt sustainability practices, which can reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, minimize carbon footprint, and increase their bottom line.

Currently, about a quarter of all capital in professional management is invested in businesses that employ ethical environmental and social practices, amounting to $12 trillion in sum.

There is an ongoing surge of demand for sustainability, which is evident as 64% of U.S. students agreed it is important to incorporate sustainable development in their education found in the 2020 survey. This survey also found that 33% of students participate in daily sustainability activities. A clear sign that many students want their future work to be eco-friendly. In response, top educational institutions are offering a bachelor's in sustainability with specializations in business. These graduates are now shaping how businesses approach environmental, social, and health-related issues in operations, and ensure conscientious outcomes.

Moreover, demand for products and services with positive ecological, social, and economic effects indicates increased consumer expectations of businesses practicing sustainability. The ethical strategies these fostered shine through the efforts of local businesses in Dillon, which are mobilizing concrete efforts for climate change action.

Three Local Businesses You Should Check Out


Address: 119 La Bonte St., #203, Dillon, Colorado 80435

Purl Wax is committed to creating sustainable ski and snowboard waxes that are environmentally friendly. The company makes use of a hydrocarbon base blend, and all ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable.

They not only value innovation, but safety as well. With a full range of performance-driven products that guarantee manufacturing does not include fluorocarbons.

Recently, they announced their partnership with 1% for the Planet. This means that 1% of all sales goes back to non-profit environmental conservation organizations. Previously these organizations included Protect Our Winters (POW) and Nature Conservancy of Colorado.

Health By Design Pickles

Address: Dillon Farmers Market, Lodgepole Street, Dillon, Colorado 80435

Healthy By Design Pickles offers a wide selection of pickled products. They frequently participate at the Dillon's Farmers Market, which is within walking distance from the establishments featured in our "Restaurants in Dillon Co" post.

As much as possible, the business is committed to creating its products with fresh ingredients sourced from local, small, and organic farmers. This means there are no additives, preservatives, or chemicals used.

More than promoting a healthier lifestyle, the business utilizes food grown by local farmers to create economic opportunities for them, as well as to provide health benefits to consumers and help reduce the environmental impact.

Minimal Impact Lifestyle

Address: 998 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, Colorado 80498

Founder, Virginia "Jenny" Hammock, opened Minimal Impact Lifestyle to provide Summit residents with sustainable swaps or consulting services for all their home and personal needs. Offerings generally include zero-waste provisions such as cleaning products, personal care items, and plastic-free home goods.

The store also manufactures its own eco-friendly products, like toilet cleaning bombs, all-purpose multi-surface cleaners, and a soon-to-be-launched stain stick. Notably, the stain stick's packaging can be composted or recycled. Aside from products, the retail store's goal is to provide ecological solutions through education and low-impact events.

Since developing a healthy, safe environment improves our quality of life and that of future generations, consumers are making the more eco-responsible choice by supporting sustainable products and services. As businesses in Dillon have shown, constant innovation is needed for businesses that want to put sustainable practices in place.

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By Guest Author: Rosa Judson



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