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Top Three Picnic Spots In Dillon CO

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

When this much awe-inspiring scenery surrounds you, a picnic is an absolute must! These are our three favorite spots to seize the incredible views with a basket of snacks and a breath of fresh air.

Sapphire Point

With a short walk on an excellently maintained trail, you will be at a zenith to look out onto Lake Dillon at Sapphire Point. This picnic spot is known by many and is between Keystone and Breckenridge, offering quiet and stunning views for miles. You will have neighbors of curious chipmunks attempting to join in on the scenery.

Marina Park

The Dillon Marina Park offers multiple locations dedicated to picnic areas sitting right above the lake for a convenient picnic. The easy to access, paved trails sprawled along the edges of Lake Dillon will call your curiosity to wander through the scenic paths.

Big Baldy Satue

This statue is in a hidden gem of a picnic location. Big Baldy soars with wings outstretched, surveying Lake Dillon and the Rocky Mountains. You will likely be the only visitor in the scenic area, making for a serene place for lunch and quiet observance.

With the walkability of Dillon, you will stroll by several restaurants offering to-go options for a casual meal to take on your panoramic picnic. #LiveLakestyle


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